RIP little D50

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This spring something awful happened.  I turned away for about a minute, and my cat decided to play with the strap of my camera hanging over a bar height table.

Yes, it did happen, and luckily it was just my old Nikon D50 that bit the dust.  I had a new flash on it, and my 35mm 2.0 lens that survived.  It broke off at the hot shoe, so the top of the camera was broken off.  I decided not to get it fixed, since it was my first camera and was discontinued about 6 months after I purchased it.  I figured it would cost more than it was worth.

I loved the color that came out of the camera, though.

It was my favorite camera to take along on trips since it was a lot lighter than my Nikon D300S.

I still  have a bit of a love/hate relationship with that camera.  It wasn’t the rockstar I was expecting for the price.

Now I tend not to bring my big camera with me everywhere since the weight hurts my shoulder from carrying it in my purse.  I just don’t take as many pictures these days either.  I need to get back on that.  We took a recent trip to see friends we hadn’t seen in awhile and I barely took any pictures.

It’s sad really.

I think I need a new photo challenge.  I will have to think on what I can actually get done in these busy days.

In the meantime, check out this Photoshop guru and his video tutorials.  He does a great job explaining Photoshop tools.