Photography tips – Window light

If we lived in a warmer area that had more daylight, I would be outside shooting where there was plenty of available light.  However, we live in a frigid northern state that has seen an unusually cold (subzero temps!!) December.  I don’t go outside unless I absolutely am required to brave the weather.

This means lots of pictures inside.  While I love to practice using my flash, sometimes it is just a pain to get it out, throw it on the camera, and figure out the settings.  Sometimes I want the natural light and the shadows that fall, and the beautiful catchlights in their little eyes.

I have found the best time to take pictures of my kids, is when they are laying on the couch, lit by a big window (glass doors, actually), and staring comatose-like at cartoons on the television.  They are too interested in the shenanigans of Curious George to complain about the camera just inches from their face.  Hey, whatever works, right?? 😀

Window light is the best way to get pictures inside without using a flash.  Otherwise rooms are just too dark to get a proper exposure (especially with the point and shoot model cameras).  Use them to your advantage.  Place your subject (child) facing the window and shoot off to the side to maximize the lighting on them.  The best light is also diffused light, so you don’t need the sun shining directly on them, they just need to be lit by the light.


Those TVs really are a brain drain aren’t they, Sweetie?  You just sit there while I take your picture…

window light 1

Mommy, I am 2.4 seconds away from tantrum mode if you don’t put this Stargate SG-1 in for me.

pending tantrum

Watching the squirrels (not the TV)

light on

Also not watching TV (amazing!)

windows 2

These were all taken in the same room in front of a large window.  I get great lighting in this room…thank goodness the TV is in here! 😉

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  1. i like your idea, can’t wait to get started…
    i get awful light because of the way my house sits, well…except for the bathrooms and my awful kitchen 😉

  2. I like the idea of linking your tips with TT!
    I only have one good window in my house and there’s nothing really by it…so I have to bribe her over there. :o) I can’t wait to get my “new baby” so I can get better natural light pictures indoors!!
    K & A’s zombie stares make me giggle. :o)

  3. I am here via Melody’s website – Gotta love her don’t ya?

    I have never joined in before, but am looking forward to this challenge…I just have a little point and shoot camera, so it’s not the best but I LOVE taking pictures, so if you dont mind 🙂


  4. Well, it is Thursday here and I have no car for the day (service time) and there is plenty of light and lots of windows and the BA is the ultimate TV zombie (mostly DVDs as our reception is so poor down in the valley here)SO….I should be able to get something together for Theme Thursday. Theoretically!

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