Photography tips – what’s old is new again

Just another quickie tip, that I’m sure is not news to anyone.  I have some older tips that discuss looking at your environment and finding an outdoor studio when determining places to shoot.   I just wanted to point out a few locations and tips related to old things.

You might think that a rusted out car is an eyesore, but it actually is an interesting place to take pictures.  You can shoot just the car or with your child.  Try juxtapositioning the ancient with the new.  I guarantee your child will be fascinated by it, and that always makes pictures easier.

Old buildings, barns, and sheds are another place that provides some very interesting backdrops.  Just remember, safety first!  Those are also great places for rusty nails and if the floors aren’t sturdy, I wouldn’t recommend going inside.  Not that it ever stopped us as kids on the farm…I know, it’s amazing we’re alive today after having so much freedom as kids. 😉

There is a historic park about 10 minutes from our house where I want to take the kids.  Not just for pictures, but to see it, too.  Look at the historical society in your town to find interesting places and buildings that are open to the public.  That is on my “to do” list for this summer, which also goes along with just taking the kids to see things that are interesting and provide learning opportunities.

One place I think is very cool to take pictures are on old (as in no longer in use!) train tracks.    I definitely wouldn’t recommend placing your child on working tracks…when I see pictures like that I just cringe.  Of course even on decomissioned tracks this is illegal (with a hefty fine if caught) in most states, so I haven’t ventured doing that yet.

Just as an aside…always remember to ask a property owner first before going on their land and taking pictures.   I see pictures of kids in fields all the time on ILP and often wonder if they asked the farmer before going into the field and destroying crops so they could get a cute picture of their kid.  Just because someone isn’t there to catch you, it doesn’t make it right.  Just a little PSA and vent from me.

Have a great week everyone…and go out and find something old to photograph!


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  1. I love the old!!! I have almost gotten into wrecks recently looking at ole rusty areas for photo shoots! Love this photo!

  2. Gorgeous photo! I love old barns. Those just intrigued me. There’s lots of old stuff around the Detroit area. Finding the time and dragging everyone there is another story! LOLOL

  3. HMM not sure how to find something old ’round here – gotta get that old thinking cap on and start looking I recken LOL ):) Thanks for the tips though, going to go take a look at the older articles and see if I can get some idea’s from those too 🙂

  4. I LOVE this type of thing, shoot all kinds of old buildings and such myself. I love shooting railroad tracks, too.

    Great shot you’ve got up there!

    This’ll be a blast 🙂


  5. I often wonder, too, about all those photos I see taken in open fields–especially when there are deliberate crops planted. Because I’d never walk full out into a wheat field for a photo! What damage!

  6. Hi! I’m new to this site and really appreciate your articles. Great ideas and fantastic photos. I think I’ll try to find something “old” and try a shoot there. Thanks!

  7. i love this theme and the juxtaposition of young & old challenge. hopefully i’ll have time to work on it before thursday. 🙂

  8. I love the blues in this picture. You just do the coolest things with your camera and your post processing. I’m drooling over a Canon 40D right now. Oh help me be content!!! Hey, does Photoshop CS2 or 3 come with an organizer like Elements, do you know??? And have I ever asked what you shoot with? Nevermind. Found it on your blog. I followed your instructions to the opticverve labs download but i don’t see them when I click on my filters. grrrr…..any ideas???

  9. I LOVE aged, rugged, antiquey stuff – especially paired with bright, fresh faced young uns – but I’ve never done any pictures like that. I need to go exploring in seach of some cool locations!

  10. I like your idea about finding something old to photograph. Too bad I used the rusted tricycle picture for Wordless Wednesday post last week. 😉

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