Photography tips – Use that remote/timer

I want to see YOU!  Yes, people, it is possible for the mommy to be in a picture.  Every digital camera has the ability to use a timer, and some even a remote.

This week’s mission (should you choose to accept it) is to take out that camera manual and figure out how to use that timer.  If you don’t have the manual, or if it is lost in the abyss of your desk (hey, stop looking at me with that knowing glance!), then it usually looks like a clock and will have different second increments for which you can set it.  Give yourself enough time to get in the pictures.  A good ten seconds, will do.

Now, when your family, big or small, are all gathered round in the warm glow of love this season, take a picture.  Using the timer/remote, because at some point in the future your children will wonder if you ever actually attended family gatherings.  They will have never seen proof.  There needs to be photographic evidence!

The hardest part can be finding something to put your camera on.  If all else fails, get a ladder…or go buy a tripod.  Either works, and one is much cheaper.  😉  My tripod cost me around $100, and was promptly broken by my children.  Just a tip, don’t let them “look at” it.  You can find tripods in all price ranges.  If you don’t need it to be ultra sturdy to hold a huge lens, then you don’t need to pay a bunch of money for it.

Now, if you have a Nikon DSLR, such as myself, the remote is less than $20 and worth every penny.  I do believe that most DSLR’s have a remote you can buy.  The kids even like taking pictures with it, see:

remote user

Have a happy holidays everyone and I can’t wait to see your family pictures next Thursday! 😀

7 Replies to “Photography tips – Use that remote/timer”

  1. A remote is on my Christmas list. I’ve gotten pretty good with the timer…if only I remember to include myself.

    Love the idea.

    P.S. You won the vintage Christmas book at Slurping Life! Email me a shipping address.

  2. oh stacy, i just posted the one and only picture of myself with my kids taken in the last decade for BSM last week — what’s a girl to do now? not that my kids have even been around for a decade, but still, two pictures with me in them in two weeks? unthinkable…i’ll have to start strategizing now :)!

  3. You just might make me go out and by a remote for my brand spankin’ new D80. :o) Naw, I’ll probably stick with the timer since I did just spend over a grand, but I want to get a remote soon!
    I have a tripod…but it’s pretty lightweight. I wonder if it’s sturdy enough for this heavier camera. I’ll have to test that out – very carefully!

  4. Ah, remotes! How I love my remote. I can click off a ton of shots and not have to race back and forth between the camera. That was the best $15 I’ve ever spent on camera equipment.

    I’m excited for this week TT – I may finally participate for the first time!

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