Photography tips – the holiday card

*Updated – May 2014*

Creating our Christmas cards each year is something I just love to do.  Here is the process I go through in designing my cards.

Decide on your “theme”

I will usually go through scads of quotes about Christmas until I come across one that ignites an idea.  I may or may not use the quote literally, but sometimes I do:

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Decide on the shoot styling

Basically, what is everyone going to wear and do you need props.  I usually make my kids clothes that match the theme, but I have been told that is overachieving. 😉

Feel free to buy clothes and props to get the “feel” you are going for here.   The only props I used for this shoot were ones I had at home already.


The picture

Make sure to take lots of pictures since those little faces tend not to cooperate.  A lot of times I take a ton and only get one or two that work.  That is alright!  You only need those one or two, so take A LOT of pictures so you can choose the one that works the best.

Decide on the graphic design of the card

Now that you have your photo (Or, alternatively, you can just get a family picture taken), you have to decide on how to design the card.

  1. Use one of the many different variety of card templates offered by the different photo outlets.  Most of them are in the form of a elongated flat picture.
  2. There are some places that offer the folded greeting cards for a bit more (you can find them on Mpix or Vista Prints).  You can design your own card or use one of their templates.

Decide on the size of the card that you want, and then if you want a unique card, you can use Photoshop to create a customized card.

There are many digital scrapbooking places online, and some allow free downloads (one example is Shabby Princess).  You can use these graphics to create your customized card and get creative!  If you know how to use layers, you can use graphics.

The thing that I love about them is that I can put something on every side (well, Mpix let’s you do that).  I can put the kids’ ages on the inside of the cover and a fun “logo” on the back to show that I made the card.  They just let you be a bit more creative…for a price of course.  I wish they cost as much as the flat cards, but alas, they don’t.

Now, you are all set to go.  Go forth and create your best holiday card yet!  Or, just decide that takes too much time and buy some ready made cards at the store.  I won’t judge. 😉


7 Replies to “Photography tips – the holiday card”

  1. How cute is that?! I love it.

    I just stick a photo inside the card. I just couldn’t fit designing my own card into my schedule OR my budget 🙂

    AND, I used a photo of the boys with pumpkins! It’s not Christmassy AT ALL!

  2. I soooo need to get organized and do this! I’ve always done store-bought cards with a 4×6 photo tucked inside, but I really wanted to do original photo cards this year…and here we are exactly one month away and I haven’t even started to think about it. Ugh!

    Last year’s card is so adoarble! Can’t wait to see what you did this time!

  3. Thanks! I do love to have a fun card and wasn’t sure how I was going to top last year’s card. I hope I did…but it might be a tie. 😉

    Christina, there is still time…just get on it!

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