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I was asked by Lori if I had any tips for taking pictures inside.  This is always a tough area.  I can take pictures inside, without a flash in pretty much any room and lighting, but that is really only due to the fact that I’ve got a DSLR camera and a lens that lets in a lot of light.  However, if you have a lot of light in the room then you should be able to take pictures without the flash if you have a point and shoot. 

Before I had my DSLR I took monthly pictures of my kids and I set up in front of windows that let in a lot of light so I didn’t have to use the flash.  They turned out fairly decent for the equipment that I had.  My camera wasn’t very fast so I got a bit of bluriness, but it was a nice softness to the little baby pictures.

Remember that it is important to try not to use your flash inside since it dulls features, adds shadows and does not take natural looking pictures.  If you are trying for pictures inside, set up in a room with lots of light.

I have learned that sometimes it is just hard to take pictures inside.  It is especially hard to try to get those “quality shots” when you are trying to get pictures of the kids opening presents or just family pictures during Easter, Christmas, etc.  To get pictures inside without the flash you need your ISO high and your shutterspeed low and that makes blurry pictures if there is a lot of action.  So, sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and use a flash.

If you have a DSLR and don’t want to buy a $200 flash that you can bounce off the ceiling or walls, then there is a little product that I bought called the Lumiquest Flash Diffuser.  I gave a review for Picture This on the product, which you can find here.  It helps to diffuse the flashiness of flashers, and it’s CHEAP and compact. 

Well, that’a about all I’ve got on taking pictures inside…basically, find the best lighting in your house and use it!

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  1. Thank you very much for the tips. I have a DSLR and a new flash. At Christmas I bounced off the ceiling as salesman instructed me, it does help, I just sometimes forget to get the thing out!! Thanks for reminding me. Have a great weekend.

  2. I have that diffuser thing–it does help. And I just bought a new bounce flash, but it’s taking longer to get the hang of it than I thought it would. I try, though, to avoid the flash at all costs. I don’t like the look it gives.

  3. The #1 reason I am dreaming of a DSLR is because my point-&-shoot simply *cannot* take clear natural light pictures indoors. They are always blurry, no matter what. So, we take pictures outside as much as possible.

  4. That is my next purchase…a bounce flash. I need it for a committment ceremony in September, so I will have a little time to practice with it. At least the wedding is outside…it’s the reception that I will need the flash. Not a fan of flash, but sometimes you need it, unfortunately.

    Christina, my point and shoot had a hard time, too, with inside natural light photos. That was the main reason why I got my DSLR!

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