Photography tips – Finding your inspiration

When I first started learning photography I focused on trying to learn how to work this oversized toy.  After shooting many, many, many frames I feel pretty confident shooting in most lighting situations.  I need to work on getting consistent processing, and posing is a bit…meh, but this I shall overcome with more experience.

Now I look for inspiration.  After shooting so much, I need to step outside of the basic composition types and be more creative.  I am bored of the static images I have taken and want to do something “different”.  I need to determine what I like and what inspires me, because this will lead me closer to my goal of creating a distinctive “style” for my work and fulfilling my creative need.

My inspiration has to come from within, as well as external factors.  I can gather my ideas from the likes of Andrea Joki (love her mystical forest and lake shots), Jessica Dittmer (her textures and layering lend a fanciful aspect to her images), Michelle Black (darker images, but emotional).  I also really like to look on the Explore page of Flickr to see the top pics that were selected for their “interestingness”.

One thing that I have found is the more I delve into photography, the more I notice the world around me.  I also want to create art in different forms.  Take the vibrancy of the leaves in the Fall against the bright blue skies.  It’s a beautiful thing.  I took so many pictures of this natural beauty, and I wanted to recreate those photographs in a different media.

I need to find that innate creativity and go with it.  I think that is the hardest part.  Finding the time and the energy to create.  To that end, I want everyone to try to create a piece that inspires you this week.  Whether it be your own idea or a recreation from one of your favorite images from one of your favorite photographers.  Try to step out of the box we create for ourselves and become…an artist.

I know this will be a challenge to get it completed this week…I have one sick kid down myself.  And it may snow. 🙁  As always, if you don’t have time to do it, don’t stress.  Just post anything that fits the theme. 🙂


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  1. great post and beautiful shots Stacy. Just remember if you strive to hard to become an artist, you might miss the chance to be artistic? Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime. (and that one was to his brother)

    Just saying in my humble opinion your shots are great:o) and we are usually our own worse critics……

  2. Did you say snow? Seriously?

    Anyway…you want me to draw? Or you want me to take a photograph that inspires me? Because drawing, really, well, I suck 🙂 But I can always seem to expand my photography horizons. Or, hey–does pumpkin carving count?

  3. Ah, thanks everyone!

    Alissa, no I’m not expecting you to draw! I was just sharing what inspiration I find in photography, so I drew a tree and add some color in Photoshop. Just something fun for me. 🙂 Yes, it may snow – not accumulation yet, though.

    This challenge is about photography and trying to create something that inspires you. 🙂

  4. LOVE the tree! I really wish I had photoshop or illustrator, they are such awesome programs! Upon realizing that I was turning 30 this past week, I did some inventory of my life. I started college as a graphic design major and then switched to photography (but never did finish). Music was also a huge part of my life and passion. Those things have been tossed along the wayside and replaced by marriage and motherhood. However, my creative goal for this week is to get my guitar repaired and learn to play again. I think that my kids will benefit from me fulfilling my creative needs rather than shoving them in the back of the closet with the dirty laundry. 🙂 Wish me luck!

  5. That tree is gorgeous!

    Love this post. So well said. I’ve been in a bit of a photographic funk lately, and I think I need to get out and find some new inspiration. Maybe take pictures of something other than people!

    I had never encountered Jessica Dittmer before – so whimsical and unique!

  6. one of my favorite things about photography is the way it makes you really notice the beauty in the world…great post and I love your new self-created background!

  7. I can’t tell you how many times I have come to your site in the past year for inspiration, photoshop tips, or to drool over your gorgeous photos. “Finding the time and the energy to create,” that’s been my biggest road block up till now. I was tickled to see your comment on my new blog and am so pumped to take on your challenge this week!

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