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Bunny asked about good reads for photography how to’s so, I thought that would be a good topic for today’s discussion.  Additionally, my dayjob and the numerous independent auditors that I have been dealing with the past few weeks have sucked dry most of my brain cells, so I don’t really have much more to add.  Kidding…but not really.  😉

These are some titles in my current miniscule libary:

Camera Manual – Must read…there’s a reason they put them in the camera box when you buy it.

Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson – Must read.  This will really help you in learning to take properly exposed photos.  Take it one chapter at a time and try to recreate what he does to better understand the process.

Rick Sammon’s Complete Guide to Digital photography – It even has a CD, maybe I should look at it!

The Photoshop CS2 Book by Scott Kelby – lots of good Photoshop tips.  Not all work in Elements but it will give you a good starting point that you may be able to work around.  Some of the tips are all Elements workable.

Good for inspiration:

  • The Photographer’s Guide to Portraits by John Freeman
  • Master Posing Guide for Portrait Photographers by J.D. Wacker
  • The Complete Guide to Night & Low-Light Photography by Lee Frost
  • Best of Wedding Photojournalism by Bill Hurter
  • Digital Wedding Photography –  Capturing Beautiful Memories by Glen Johnson

I really need to look at these more.  I bought the wedding books for my friends’ commitment ceremony and they definitely helped.  I really should read the others more thoroughly, but I must say that Bryan Peterson’s book is one that is a “should buy”.

If anyone else has some good suggestions, please let us know in the comments.  Thanks!

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  1. has a great many of your recommended books at excellent prices! I’ve just ordered the Peterson book and will return for more as the budget allows!

  2. Great theme! And a great topic at the perfect time for me. I’m feeling the need for a good guide for learning exposure. I’ve heard Bryan Peterson’s reccomended several times, so I think that’ll be the one. I’ll look for it at the library this week, but I have a feeling that’ll be one book I want in my permanent library!!

  3. Yes, UE by Peterson is great, I also really like Scott Kelby’s two digital photography books, with GREAT tips.
    And any of his PS books, too.

    I also really like Kevin Kubota’s Digital Photography Boot Camp book. Lots of great techniques and tips, stuff about workflow, etc.

  4. I have just purchased UE by B. Peterson and have scanned several of the books you listed with the intent to buy them.

    I have and love The PS Elements 5 Book by Scott Kelby. I today purchased Scott Kelby’s “The Digital Photography Book, Volume 1” and the just released “…Volume 2”. He writes in a way I easily understand.

    One of my recent resolutions is to delve into photography books, a photography course when time allows and while getting more serious with photography, to also have more fun.

    We get to post photos of books? YAY…there’s a million in my house. 🙂

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