Photography tips – before and afters

Today I thought I would show some photos and the edits I made to them to bring them up a notch.  I’m always interested in the SOOC shots and then the edits to make them “pop”.  Sometimes a different crop, or just turning a photo to black and white can turn a so-so picture into one that you will love.



Edit technique:        Basic editing that I normally do, but I started by duplicating the background layer and changing the blending mode to “screen”.  This was taken at dusk so it was a little dark.  I love the rich colors in the photo, though.



Edit technique:  I converted to black and white basically using this method (the Photoshop version).  I usually add a curves/levels layer in and add contrast.  I had to erase parts of the levels/curves layer because it caused the whites in her jacket to “blow”.



Edit technique:   Just my basic editing and a tighter crop.



Editing process:  I used the color pop method and a tighter crop.

Hope you found this interesting. 🙂

See you on Thursday!

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  1. I DID find this very interesting !! I love any and all photo editing tips !! I find yours very user friendly ! Easy to follow … even with me doing them in Gimp !

  2. Thanks for the tips Stacy. I’ve been playing around with them this morning. I do have a question about using my eraser tool. Doesn’t seem to work for me so I’m sure I’m not using it correctly. Can you give me some step by step instructions….say to using it on to erase blown areas when editing. Thanks so much….

  3. Julie,

    If your eraser isn’t working, look at the toolbox on the left side. The color palette at the bottom needs to have white on top and black on the bottom. If the black is on top it does the reverse of what you want.

    In erasing the blown areas, make sure the opacity is lowered or else you will have areas that are too starkly different. Use a soft brush so that there is a smoother transition, too.

  4. I agree with Bonnie! I use GIMP as well. I love when tips are put straight-forward as I can “translate” them into GIMP. I have alot of skill to develop when it comes to post-processing but slowly I’m getting it! LOL

  5. Thanks for the clarification! I’m changing my post’s date to this Thursday’s date and will post then! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s photos!

  6. I LOVE to see before & afters!!! There are great, it’s amazing what just a little PS can do. This is a busy week so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to play or not, but this is a great theme!

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