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Well, a gal does love to accessorize doesn’t she?  After talking about lenses last week, I thought I would cover a few extra’s that you may want when purchasing a DSLR.

Lens Filters – There are two ways you can go with these.  You can just get a cheap one where it just acts as a protector for your lens glass.  You don’t want that expensive glass to get a scratch on it, do you?  Another reason to use it would be for certain photo effects.   or you can get more expensive ones that will affect the photography.  I have a UV Filter, a Polarizing Filter and a fluorescent lens filter.  You can follow the link and see the different uses of these filters.  They do require you to adjust your exposure for them, so be warned.  You can find these filters everywhere.  I bought mine at Ritz Camera when I bought my camera.

Lens Hood – These are useful for reducing lens flare from direct sunlight hitting the glass, and also it protects your lens.  I don’t use a lens hood, right now anyways.  My camera is bulky enough as it is, but if it were to shoot professionally, then this would be a purchase that I would make.  Additionally, if I lived in a sunny area, I think this would get a lot of use.  For me, with many months of little sunshine, I wouldn’t be using it then.  Realistically, with my clutziness, I should have one on my lenses.  If anyone reads this that thinks their life would be meaningless without a lens hood, please chime in. 🙂

Do a bit of research to determine which hood fits better on your lens.  It seems that wide angle and different format cameras will take different hoods.

Remote – I have spoken about having a remote for self portraits and taking family pictures.  Seriously, these little buggers are cheap and easy to use.  Get one.

Nikon    Canon 

Tripod – I don’t really use my tripod all that much, but it is useful to have.  It is great for long exposure night shots, and for shooting self portraits and group shots where you want to be part of the group.  I would recommend getting one where you can extend the legs so you have versatility.

Oh, and store it where your toddler can’t throw it on the ground to get to her paper party hats, thus breaking off the lever that affixes the camera to the tripod.  Just a suggestion…

Camera bags – Okay, I’m a bag lady (in that I love bags and not that I’m homeless 😉 ), so having a pretty camera bag is getting to be high on my priority list.  I have a very functional and protective camera bag.  It holds the camera and my two extra lenses very well.  But, it is, well…plain.  I have seen some fun ones, but can you say EXPENSIVE??  These Shootsac bags are very pretty, but I’m not dropping that much cash for a camera bag.  The Crumpler bags seem to be fashionable and useful, and they won’t break the bank.  They have gotten some good reviews.  I must say, though, their website sucks for being user friendly.

I have also heard the very useful idea of using a diaper bag as a camera bag.  You won’t get quite the padding, but you can use the bottle holders for storing lenses and they are pretty!  Just take the changing pad that are usually included with the bag and use it to line the interior of the bag to wrap the camera.  Take a look at the Fleurville sling tote or these fun bags.  I just ordered the pink dragon one, so I will let you know if it works.  If nothing else it is a cool bag for when I need one for the kids.

What are your favorite camera accessories? 


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  1. Hmmm, I’m liking that diaper-bag-as-camera-bag idea… I currently use a hand-me-down Tamrac backpack, and while it’s awesome and padded and professional and all, it’s, well, a black backpack. I’d love something cute. Let me know how that goes for you.

    I have UV filters on my lenses, for protection only. I have lens hoods, that came with my lenses, but I rarely remember to bother with them. And I LOVE my remote! I also rarely use the tripod–too much trouble. I’m much more likely to prop the camera on a rock or a fence post…

  2. Stacy, I found your fantastic blog trying to learn more about my new camera! Thank you for all these fantastic tips, I actually went and purchased a Crumpler bag today!

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