Photography tips – a link

I am fresh out of ideas for today’s installment, so I thought I would link to ideas that others have.  Hope you find them useful!

Digital Photography School – Great tips…look at the top of the screen and it has some tips for beginners by category.

HDR Tutorial by Stuck in Customs – Ever heard of HDR?  It is a very, very cool way of processing your photography.  This guy has nailed it.  Although I am no where near ready to tackle this medium, it sure is fun to look at!

Lexar Digital Photography – Some nice tips and techniques.  Here’s one on photographing children.

Here are a couple of my favorite children photographers…their work is inspiring to me:

Audrey Woulard

Skye Hardwick

Have fun surfing! 🙂


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  1. I had already discovered DPS and Stuck in Customs (love his work!). I will be checking out the other links. Thanks so much.

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