Is it time to talk holiday cards?

In the spirit of not repeating myself too many times, I would like to just give you a few links and ideas for Holiday cards this year.

  • Last year’s post
  • Great Greetings Series at Shutter Sisters
  • Topic at ILP showing Holiday cards created by the members (you need to register on the site to be able to view, but it’s free and they are sharing some great cards!)

This was last year’s card for us.

I already have my plan for this year’s card, now I just need to make the clothes for them to wear in it, take the pictures and design the card.  No problemo!



8 Replies to “Is it time to talk holiday cards?”

  1. I cheated this year and purchased cards, and I’m just sticking in a photo of the boys…not even in Christmas clothes! It’s just one thing I’m not up to this year…

  2. Ive been thinking about cards this year too. Trying to figure out which picture to use is hard enough, nevermind having to make the clothes for it! You’re a crazy woman!

  3. Well last year’s card is great. I can’t wait for this years. And new clothes for the picture, sounds awesome. I’m curious what your theme is going to be. 🙂

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