Updating site

Somehow my photography site ended up broken.  I could see my posts, but could no longer access the dashboard to add new things.  I couldn’t even extract the old posts from it.  As I am no longer trying to get photography business, I decided to start over from scratch. Right now I am in the […]

Projects, projects

I have been in a bit of a photography rut lately, and rather uninspired.  Winter has a way of doing that.  Everything is white and brown outside, as it has been for the last several months.  In these subzero temperatures, you can’t really go out and shoot in the cold, regardless.  That means we are sequestered […]

Photography tips – Sunflare

Lens flare can either be a problem or an artistic intent.  I found a great tutorial online about how sunflare is created in the camera.  That tutorial addresses sunflare as mostly a problem and how to avoid it. I like using sunflare as an artistic addition to my photography.  I haven’t really done much with sunflare until […]